Panasonic VRF indoor units are shared between the ECOi and Mini ECOi electric VRF systems and ECOG gas fired GHP systems.

All VRF systems use the same indoor units and controls - its just the outdoor units that change.

In Ceiling Cassettes - Compact - 1.5 to 5.6KW

These fit into a 600mm square ceiling tile and all of the mechanical parts are concealed within the false ceiling. They fit into a 290mm ceiling and are suitable for a fresh air duct connection. They have an inbuilt drain lift pump.

In Ceiling Cassettes - Standard - 2.2 to 16.0KW

These fit a  900mm ceiling opening and a 260mm (up to 9.0KW model) or 320mm (10.6KW model and above) high ceiling void. They have an innovative design ensuring 360 degree air flow and are suitable for either fresh air or branch ducts. They have an inbuilt drain lift pump.

1 Way blow cassettes - 2.2 to 7.3KW

These are only 200mm tall and allow for branch ducts if required. They have a drain lift pump as standard.

2 Way Blow cassettes - 2.8 to 7.3KW

These fit into a 350mm ceiling and have an ultra slim ceiling grille. They have a drain lift pump as standard.

Wall Mounted Indoor units - 1.5 to 10.6KW

These feature a flat washable front panel, good looks and high performance

Ceiling Suspended Indoor units - 3.6 to 14.0KW

These are very slim (only 235mm high) for applications where there is no ceiling void. They feature a fresh air duct connection on the rear.

M1 Slim Duct Indoor units - 1.5 to 5.6KW

These models are suitable for a slim 200mm ceiling void and are suitable for duct pressures up to 40 Pa. They include a drain lift pump.

MF2 Variable Static Duct Indoor units - 3.6 to 14.0KW

These fit into a 290mm ceiling void and are suitable for 70 Pa (up to 9.0KW model) or 100Pa (10.6KW model and above) or more with a quiet and efficient dc fan motor. They have a built in drain lift pump. These have an innovative self commissioning fan feature to assist with set up.

Large ducted units - 22.4 to 28.0KW

These big units are high capacity and performance.

Floor Mounted Indoor units - 2.2 to 7.1KW

Neat console units for mounting at low level, usually around the perimeter of an office

Floor Chassis Indoor Units - 2.2 to 7.1KW

These are a chassis version of the console unit for when a customer wishes to utilise his own casing.

ERV ventilation units with dx coil - 500, 800 & 1,000m3/hr

Ventilation units with energy recovery, heating and cooling

Air Curtains - for 1m, 1.5m, 2.0m & 2.5m wide doors in 3m and 3.5m door height versions

Air to Water Hydro Kit - 8.0 or 12.5KW - 3 pipe only

New for 2015 the ECOi hydro kit connects to a 3 pipe ECOi 6N system to provide 8 or 12.5KW of hot water at up to 45C for domestic hot water or space heating.