Trouble shooting guides

for download in pdf format for all Panasonic systems with fault codes, including A2W and GHP

You can tell which unit you are looking at by the controller design and pictures are shown to assist you.

             1st generation LRAC controller                                  2nd generation LRAC controller

First & second generation LRAC products - please note that this shows the second generation fault codes as 'F' codes, where on some models they were still 'E' codes

 Third generation LRAC & 1st gen FS controller                        Second generation FS controller

FS Products & third generation U32 LRAC

                                 USUM Controller

Urban Split and Urban Multi

                               FS Multi Controller

FS Multi VRF

                                                     RAC Wireless controller                                           RAC Wired Controller

RAC systems

       PACi, ECOi & ECOG controller

PACi, ECOi & GHP system fault codes

           Aquarea A2W controller C Series                     Aquarea A2W controller - F Series

Aquarea A2W Fault Codes - C, D & E series

Aquarea A2W Fault Codes - F Series


A possible shortcut to finding out the system type is asking the customer what is the bottom right hand button -

  • On 1st and 2nd generation LRAC it is CHECK
  • On 3rd generation LRAC and all FS and FS Multi it is FILTER RESET
  • On USUM it is also FILTER RESET but it is a picture of a filter not written. Most engineers will recognise this controller as being identical to a Daikin controller in any case
  • On Sanyo, PACi, ECOi and ECOG models it is the temperature down button
  • On Aquarea it is either the pump down button (1st generation models C & D)) or SERVICE (2nd generation or later models D-1, E and F Series). New F Series models can be recognised because they have a HOLIDAY button.

Solutions to Common Issues

No display on a third generation LRAC, FS or FSM system despite power at indoor and outdoor unit - click here

More to come...