Service Tools

We have a number of useful service tools available to make working with any of Panasonics commercial PACi, ECOi and ECOG systems much easier by giving access to internal settings and real time operating information as well as being able to over ride the existing controls and upload newer software.

Simple Service Checker

The simple service checker can be connected to any PACi or Mini ECOi outdoor unit using a special connector. It can also connect to an ECOi system by connecting to terminals 3 and 4 on the outdoor unit.

Once this has been attached then you can take over control and initiate a forced cooling or heating test operation, interrogate all of the indoor unit and outdoor unit sensor conditions and make changes to the outdoor unit control settings. It is an invaluable tool for commissioning or servicing and doesn't need a laptop computer to operate.

A typical example of using this is to put a system into forced cooling and then monitor each of the indoor units air outlet temperatures. We find that one is significantly higher than the others and so then interrogate that units coil temperature and EEV condition and discover that the coil isn't getting cold either. This leads us to investigate the pipe work and HR box attached to that unit. This has saved hours of physical inspection of the system.

We offer a Simple Service Checker kit which consists of the handset, various connectors and also a CD with the latest service manuals.

This product does not apply to ECOG GHP systems which have a service checking interface built into the outdoor unit.

Advanced Service Checker

The advanced service checker has two potential uses both of which are potentially extremely useful.

The simplest way this tool can be used is to change the software in a system by 'flashing' that software to the outdoor PCB. The tool is attached to a pc with the software which you wish to upgrade the unit with and then uploaded to the tool. The tool is then attached to the outdoor PCB and it can then over write the existing software. Software upgrades can be obtained either from ourselves or Panasonic.

It can also be used to connect a PC to the P-Link and access the indoor and outdoor units in a system to view operating parameters, take control  and also make a record of the systems operation over time.

The Advanced Service Checker can be used as a 'flash tool' with all models of PACi, ECOi and ECOG.

It can be used as a service checker with all electric models but is not compatible with ECOG for this purpose. However a laptop can be connected to an ECOG system using a simple interface cable and the appropriate software. Please talk to us about this.

We can supply the Advanced Service Checker and software along with upgraded 'flash' software. We can also help with connecting a laptop to a GHP system.