Sanyo air conditioning was launched in 1958 and celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2008.

In 2012 the product ranges of Sanyo and Panasonic were merged under the Panasonic logo and the Sanyo name ceased to be an active brand, at least in air conditioning.

In general, in the UK, virtually all of the Sanyo RAC products and all of the Sanyo residential air to water range were replaced by Panasonics RAC and Aquarea ranges.

The Sanyo commercial products had already been launched into Panasonics range however starting with ECOi electric VRF which replaced the previous Urban Multi UM4 range in its entirety and running alongside Panasonics own FS-Multi simplified VRF range . A new Panasonic branded Elite PACi and GHP range followed, with Elite PACi being run in parallel with Panasonics own FS range.

By the time this article was written in 2014 the existing Panasonic FS and FS-Multi ranges have been discontinued in the UK and the entire Panasonic commercial air conditioning and heating ranges are now based upon what was Sanyo's PACi, ECOi and ECOG products.

Supporting the old Sanyo versions of these products is easy because the electronics are virtually identical.

As far as the older Sanyo products are concerned, supplying spares, technical support and connecting additional controls or indoor units, even replacing indoor or outdoor units, is easy. We do this all of the time and we have also attended site with our customers to assist with modification and repair of old Sanyo systems without issue. We can connect a Panasonic Service Checker to an old Sanyo system and access the entire network just as we can a Panasonic system.

We also have access to the entire Sanyo technical library in Japan for access to service and technical information. We recognise Sanyo model references and as far as we are concerned it is business as normal with Sanyo legacy products.

This is important to us. When we became Panasonic distributors it was on the basis of our individual members of staffs long association with the brand and we were determined that we would support previous generations of products rather than just the products that we had sold ourselves. We are just as determined that this will be the case with Sanyo.