Room Air Conditioners

Traditionally our 'bread and butter' product has been mini-split Room Air Conditioners.

These are high efficiency good looking products providing heating and cooling to a single room.

Typically giving between 1 and 8 KW of cooling or heating (between 3,400 and 28,000 btu/hr) these are called 'split' systems because you have an indoor unit mounted on the wall with a fan blowing heated or cooled air around the room and this is connected to an outdoor unit which either collects or rejects heat. The pair are connected by high pressure insulated refrigerant tubes and electrical cables.

These products must, by law, be installed by qualified and trained personnel. We can only supply these products to companies who are REFCOM certified but we do have the facility to supply these through one of our partner REFCOM certified customers who can ensure that all legal obligations are complied with.


SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) and SCOP (Seasonal Coefficient Of Performance) are new figures designed to give end users a realistic understanding of approximate running costs. They replace the older EER and COP figures previously used in energy labelling and the previous bandings A to F.

Now there are three new bandings, A+, A++ and A+++. It is intended that E and F will disappear during 2018 and 2019.