Workshop and Engineering

We have our own workshop and fabrication facilities here in Shrewsbury as well as having a close relationship with a number of local engineering companies..

Above - a typical project. Firstly a basic Rheem packaged unit and then secondly the resultant modified unit with modified compressor, special master slave communicating control system, quick connect ducts and power supply and pressure gauges

We can modify standard air conditioning systems in various ways to customers requirements using these facilities. A typical example would be to modify the controls on a system to allow more sophisticated functionality which we would do ourselves and then test before despatch. Another would be modifying a VRF indoor unit to allow it to work with a single split outdoor. Or fitting job specific plenums to a ducted unit. It all saves our customers time on site.

A pair of Panasonic ducted units modified by us for top ducted air inlet rather than the normal rear inlet. We used an oval duct spigot for direct connection onto circular flexible duct rather than a normal rectangular spigot which would then have needed a plenum. The filter goes into the air inlet grille for ease of access during maintenance.

 Two units sent to us for refurbishment. The unit on the left has been washed but not worked on. The unit on the right has been dismantled, had a compressor change with the addition of flexible connections, had the coils spray coated with Blygold and been repainted. The controls were totally changed to offer a removable control panel with an electronic controller. The unit now has permanently fitted refrigerant pressure gauges and the unit now has a quick connect power supply

We also have an inspection and repair service. We can take a suspect system in and perform an initial inspection followed by a report and finally a rebuild. This is sometimes a more economic solution than a straight replacement but may be an absolute necessity where a modern replacement may be unsuitable for whatever reason.

 A Rheem packaged unit that has been coated with ReeferMac protective coating and Blygold coil coating then spray painted blue to match the site colour scheme being tested prior to despatch to Angola.

We are also able to have units spray painted to a customers choice of RAL number or with a protective coating. We can also clean heat exchangers and have them protected with an anti corrosion coating..

Our workshop allows us to ask a customer what they want, rather than tell them what we would like to sell them.