PACi Server room systems.

Both Standard and Elite PACi systems are suitable for use in a server room as they are designed for 24/7 operation and low ambient cooling operation.

We offer a control interface to control two or three PACi systems together

Performance data at UK conditions

Total and sensible cooling figures below are at 23C/16C db/wb air entering the indoor unit and in a 30C ambient

Standard PACi cassette systems

 ModelNominal Cooling Total Cooling Sensible Cooling Input Power 
S-60PUY1E5 7.0KW 6.8KW 5.6KW 2.21KW
S-71PUY1E5 7.7KW 7.5KW 5.8KW 2.47KW
S-100PUY1E5 11.5KW 10.6KW 8.4KW 3.63KW
S-125PUY1E5 13.5KW 12.2KW 9.2KW 4.33KW
S-140PUY1E8 15.5KW 14.1KW10.3KW 5.23KW 

Elite PACi cassette systems

 ModelNominal Cooling Total Cooling Sensible Cooling Input Power 
S-50PU1E5 5.6KW 5.6KW 4.2KW 1.74KW
S-60PU1E5 7.1KW 7.0KW 5.8KW 1.82KW
S-71PU1E5 8.0KW 7.9KW 6.1KW 2.41KW
S-100PU1E5 12.5KW 11.4KW 9.1KW 3.23KW
S-125PU1E5 14.0KW 12.7KW9.6KW 4.01KW 
S-140PU1E5 15.5KW 14.1KW10.3KW 5.23 

Figures are given for the cassette system but other PACi models give similar figures. If you want to know the performance of a particular PACi model at different conditions then contact us.

Optional run and standby control Interface to control two systems

This is a brand new product to allow 2 or 3 PACi units (or ECOi indoor units) to be controlled together in master / slave operation with run and standby with automatic duty share.

Contact us for more details.