Dedicated 60Hz equipment

We can source dedicated 60Hz equipment from the USA and have done so on many occasions for use offshore. In particular we have supplied Friedrich, Panasonic, Samsung and LG 60Hz models and we have a US agent who assists us with tracking down what is required and there aren't many months where we don't have at least one shipment coming from Stateside. We can also supply Marstair Marine systems although these often take as long to build as importing, or even longer.

Another option is to use a standard 50Hz UK system but accept that it will have limited life.

This has been successful over the years. There is no guarantee that operation wont be problematic but for many clients in the offshore industry where time is often of the essence it is a risk worth taking.

We can fit transformers to units to create a false neutral if required, or the ship can supply this themselves.

We can coat outdoor coils or even protective paint coatings to unit casings on request.

In essence, please call us to discuss your project or email.


We have become aware of a rumour doing the rounds about an option setting on Panasonic PACi systems to change between 50Hz and 60Hz. The rumour goes that if you set the option code that you automatically change the unit into a 60Hz unit.

We have checked this with Panasonic and they are clear. Yes the option code exists. No it doesn't  convert the unit between 50Hz and 60Hz. The option code is there to tell the PCB what power supply it should be receiving. US 60Hz Panasonic units use different compressors and fan motors than UK models.

If you want a 60Hz Panasonic unit then we can get you one. If you want to use a UK sourced 50Hz Panasonic unit with a 60Hz power supply then it will almost certainly work but with reduced life expectancy and there is no guarantee, but its something that we've done on many occasions' in the past without problems. But the option code setting is, suitably for offshore, a Red Herring.