NFC Tags & QR Barcode Readers

If you have scanned one of our QR barcodes into your smartphone or connected with one of our NFC tags then they will open up this page in your web browser.


We use NFC tags and QR barcodes to let you easily make contact with us without having to type our details into your phone or tablet. They allow you to easily navigate to our various websites and load our comprehensive contact details into your smartphone and / or computer and / or tablet.

Contact Details

A vCard is a text file with full contact details in it. These can be saved on your computer, smartphone or tablet and then imported into your email program. They are compatible with Apple, Windows, Android, Outlook, Symbian and Thunderbird.

Med Williams vCard

Mark Hanson vCard

Medal Aircon vCard

Our Websites

We have three websites focussing upon the different product types that we offer.

Our Air Conditioning web site

Our Heating web site

Our Controls web site