Until very recently we described Panasonic as the sleeping dragon of the UK air conditioning industry. We have been involved with Panasonic for many years and it has been a constant frustration that a quality manufacturer with such a good range of fantastic quality equipment with 'bullet proof' reliability has not made more progress in the UK while enjoying such success in other parts of the world.

We are confident now, in 2014, that with significant investment in Panasonic Heating and Cooling in the UK and the merger between the best of the Panasonic and Sanyo products that the dragon has opened its eyes, started snorting fire out of its nose and is well and truly awake!

Legacy Products

We aim to offer a complete service to customers with old Panasonic products to assist with keeping them running for as long as possible and when the time comes for replacement to find them the best Panasonic solution.

Replacement is easy with Panasonic offering R22 replacement technology throughout their range.

Technical support, drop in refrigerant replacement and spares supply are other options with an old Panasonic system. They are among the most rugged and reliable air conditioners that we have ever worked with and it comes as no surprise to us when we hear of ten or fifteen year old units still ticking away like a Swiss watch.

We are very familiar with the older Panasonic products and regularly talk to people with older units, interpreting fault codes, replacing parts and advising on gas charge and replacement refrigerant solutions.

We support all older Panasonic models.

Fault code charts for Panasonic legacy models including the first and second generation LRAC models are available for download here


We can still get all manner of spares for the various legacy models.