Typically a large project

such as a shopping centre, hotel, cinema or office block will require an integrated solution using plant mounted centrally. We can work with you on the design of all of the following schemes and more -

Variable Refrigerant Flow

using a small number of outdoor units connected to a large number of indoor units throughout the building, often saving energy by taking heat from, say, a warm sunlit area and using it to heat shaded areas.

Ducted system with free cooling

ideal for areas with lots of people and avoiding the need for mechanical cooling for much of the year

Central Water Cooled System

perfect for very large shopping centres and similar areas. Here a mains water loop is circulated around local terminal units and this collects heat from units in cooling mode and gives it up to units in heating. Any shortfall in cooling can be made up from either a cooling tower or dry cooler on the roof and heating shortfalls by a boiler or heat pump.

Chilled Water Systems

use water as a secondary cooling or heating media with fan coils spread around the building. This is the closest that air conditioning comes to traditional wet heating systems.