IT and Equipment Cooling

 A traditional market for air conditioning is computer areas and while the market has changed massively over the years there are still many applications where large amounts of computer equipment gives off a lot of heat in a small space and this heat needs to be got rid of.

We have a full range of equipment from various suppliers to do this as well as to offer various methods of recovering that heat.

A typical solution is the so called 'telecoms' or 'limpet' system, connected to the outside of a building and providing cooling, 'free' cooling and heating.

Traditional computer room units still have their place today using a false floor or ceiling to concentrate chilled air and directly cool pieces of electrical or electronic equipment.

While traditional systems would have air cooled condensors to reject that heat to atmosphere, we would now try to reclaim that heat in various ways. Perhaps the simplest method is to heat a tank of hot water which can be used for washing or heating purposes. We have lots of different options that we can consider for you.