Tip - if you are trying to find us by satellite navigation or google then use SY1 3AG rather than our correct postal code which is SY1 3AH. The correct code leads many satnav systems astray. If in doubt you need to find your way onto Harlescott Lane and look for either Shrewsbury Honda Centre, Barclays Bank or Greggs the Bakers - see below for more details.

Visiting us is easy. We are approximately 40 minutes drive from Junction 11a of the M6 which is the M54 turn off.

Join the M54 and drive past Wolverhampton and Telford, when the M54 will transform itself into the A5. You will go down a long downhill section after Telford leading, eventually, to a roundabout. Turn right at this roundabout which will take you onto a long straight single carriageway road. Turn left at the next roundabout and then immediately right at a mini roundabout onto Featherbed Lane. Continue straight, ignore the next mini roundabout and you will come to a set of traffic lights with B&Q to your left and Lidl and Tesco facing you either side of the traffic lights. Go straight across, past Lidl, and the Toyota garage and then you will see the Shrewsbury Honda Centre on your left with Barclays Bank and Greggs on your right. Turn into the car park for Shrewsbury Honda Centre, which is actually LMH Business Park and we are at the end on the right.

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TIP - Get onto Harlescott Lane and find Barclays Bank and Greggs The Bakers - we are opposite them!