Energy Recovery Ventilation

Panasonic have a range of Energy Recovery Ventilation units for use in domestic or commercial applications.

These use very energy efficient counter flow heat exchangers to transfer heat to fresh air, being brought in for ventilation purposes, from the stale extract air.

In cooling applications the ERV works in reverse, using the stale room air to cool down hot fresh air. In addition the ERV has a bypass damper which, when activated, will bypass the heat exchanger to provide fresh air 'free cooling'

Panasonic ERV Systems

 Model Air Volume People Duct ESP PaDuct Diameter Efficiency Noise dBA Fuse Amps RRP* 
 FY-250ZDY8 250m3/hr 95150mm 75  31 5A £982
 FY-350ZDY8 350m3/hr 12 60 150mm 75 31 5A £1,240
 FY-500ZDY8 500m3/hr 17 60 200mm 75 36 5A £1,447
 FY-650ZDY8 650m3/hr 22 40 200mm 75 36 5A £1,750
 FY-800ZDY8 800m3/hr28 110 250mm 75 37 5A £1,932
 FY-01KZDY8A 1000m3/hr 35 80 250mm 75 38 5A £2,418

* Excludes delivery and VAT


 The ERV system does not come with a controller.

In most applications customers use a simple 'light' switch to turn the ERV on and off. Sometimes they use a second to switch between high and low speed when the unit is running.

An alternative is to use the external fan interface in a PACi or ECOi indoor unit to control the ERV using the ventilation switch on a CZ-RTC2 controller. This is easy and we are very familiar with how to do it so please ask us for details when you purchase your ERV unit.

Finally we have two useful controllers available that can be used with the ERV to significantly reduce energy use.

We have an air quality controller which can be used to turn the ERV on and off based upon measured air quality rather than with an on / off switch. This means that the ERV only runs when it is needed. As you can imagine the potential savings here are large.

We also have a free cooling controller to operate the damper in the ERV if cooling is required and available using fresh air. Once again more potential savings.

Details of these controllers are on our Medal Controls website here

ERV system with cooling and heating for use with ECOi & ECOG

In addition to the standard ERV system we also have a 500, 800 and 1000 m3/hr ERV system with DX coil and able to be controlled like a standard indoor unit rated at 3.7KW, 4.9KW and 5.6KW respectively. Details on demand.