is a state of the art Gas Heat Pump system. It does the same thing as our ECOi electric VRF but instead of using electric motors to power the compressors it uses a gas fired engine. This means that the electrical power required to run an ECOG system is negligible making it the only real choice for sites with not enough power to drive the air conditioning. It can use both mains gas and stored LPG meaning that it is at home in the centre of a big city as it is in the heart of the countryside.

There are three models of ECOG available -

  • 2 Pipe ECOG - heating or cooling from 16 to 50hp (45 to 142KW)
  • 2 pipe ECOG Power - heating or cooling plus hot water generation plus 2KW electrical power generator to run itself - 16 to 25hp (45 to 71KW)
  • 3 pipe ECOG - heating and cooling from 16 to 25hp (45 to 71KW)

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