Domestic Hot Water Cylinders

We have a full range of hot water cylinders from Panasonic and Fabdec and we also supply kits to allow a third party cylinder to an Aquarea system.

Panasonic branded cylinders

Panasonic cylinders with G3 kit, immersion heater, 3 way valve and control sensor

 Cylinder CapacityHeight Diameter Weight Kg Heater KW Coil m2  Heat loss
 198 litres 1150mm580mm 49kg 3KW 1.4m2 1.9KW/day 
 287 litres1600mm 580mm 65kg 3KW 1.8m2 2.3KW/day 

Fabdec Excelsior range - Made in Shropshire

Fabdec Excelsior stock HP range with G3 kit - requires tank kit (see below)

 Cylinder CapacityHeight Diameter Weight Kg Heater KW Coil m2  Heat loss
130 litres 958mm578mm 40kg 3KW 1.29m2 1.0KW/day 
150 litres1086mm 578mm 45kg 3KW 1.29m2 1.2KW/day 
175 litres 1243mm 578mm 50kg 3KW 1.85m2 1.3KW/day 
 215 litres1485mm 578mm 55kg 3KW 1.85m2 1.7KW/day
 255 litres1753mm 578mm 60kg 3KW 1.85m2 1.8KW/day 
 305 litres2029mm 578mm 65kg 3KW 1.85m2 1.9KW/day 

Fabdec Excelsior Large Coil special build range with G3 kit - requires tank kit (see below)

 Cylinder CapacityHeight Diameter Weight Kg Heater KW Coil m2  Heat loss
150 litres1086mm578mm 45kg 3KW 2.00m2 1.2KW/day 
215 litres1485mm 578mm 50kg 3KW 3.00m2 1.7KW/day 
255 litres 1753mm 578mm 55kg 3KW 3.00m2 1.8KW/day 
305 litres2029mm 578mm 60kg 3KW 3.00m2 1.9KW/day
500 litres1780mm 750mm 70kg 3KW 4.00m2 4.4KW/day

The above large coil models can also have a solar coil fitted on request (the solar coil is 1.1m2 up to 305 litres or 2m2 for the 500l) although the main coil sizes reduces to 2m2 on models 215 to 305 in these models.

Third Party Cylinder kits

In order to use a third party cylinder you will need a control sensor and valve kit.

We offer two types of sensor. These are the CZ-TK1 with a brass pocket or an 81809 which is the sensor only.

We offer two types of valve each in two sizes. You can either use a single 3 way valve in 22mm or 28mm or a pair of 2 way valves in 22mm or 28mm.

We suggest that models of 7KW and below can be used with 22mm valves but 9KW and above models should use 28mm valves.

If you are using a third party cylinder it should meet the following standards as a minimum -

  • Heat loss of less than 2.5KW per day
  • Minimum coil surface area of 2 m2
  • Maximum pressure drop of 30KPa at 50 litres per minute
  • Empty sensor pocket between 1/2 and 2/3 of the way up the tank
  • 3KW immersion heater in the bottom half of the cylinder
  • Overheat cut out internal to the immersion heater

If it does not meet these criteria then you should not use it, unless it has already been tested and approved by ourselves or Panasonic.

Remember - if a cylinder is physically smaller than the one that we offer it is probably for a very good reason whether it is a smaller coil or less insulation.

Managing Legionella and Scald Risks

We are aware of discussion within the industry about legionella risks and associated sterilisation cycles. We are concerned that there is less discussion about the risk of scalding. The time taken for a serious burn with water at 50C is counted in minutes while at 65C it is seconds.

There is a standard function which can be enabled or disabled in an Aquarea to produce a weekly sterilisation cycle.

MCS requires that the guidance of the HSE is followed as far as the prevention of growth of bacteria, including legionella, is concerned. The HSE requires a risk assessment to be carried out and part of that risk assessment is the temperature the water is being held at. There is considered to be a risk if the water is stored at a temperature of between 20C and 45C.

We believe that the best compromise between scald and legionella risk is to disable the sterilisation function but hold the water temperature in the DHW cylinder at 50C. This is safely outside the HSE risk zone and minimises the potential for serious burns that come with a sterilisation function. We would be delighted to discuss our reasoning for this and please contact us for further details.