Generally the controls used with an Aquarea system can be split into two types. The system controller which is the thing that controls the actual heat pump itself and the heating controller which controls just the space heating.

System Controllers

The Aquarea has a controller mounted on the front on a split unit or remotely mounted on the wall inside the building for a monobloc.

This comes as standard with the unit. It is possible to either access this remotely with an internet interface or replace it with a network ready model, Heat Pump Manager.

Please talk to us if you want to examine these options.

Heating Controllers

We commonly supply an Aquarea system with a room mounted wireless heating controller. These are commonly one of three types.

Simple Budget Heating Controller

These are easy to operate and give you control over your heating system

Standard Wireless Heating Controller

Our standard model uses a simple interface and offers a host of energy saving control features

Internet Controller

The it500 internet controller gives you total control over your heating system over the internet from anywhere in the world!