We frequently work with consultants, specifiers and architects to provide a specialist solution

It has become increasingly common among suppliers to specify VRF systems for any project regardless of their suitability.

We have the very advanced Panasonic ECOi VRF system available to us along with state of the art design software. But we will only propose this where it is appropriate for the project rather than trying to shoe-horn a solution into an unsuitable project.

Rather we will look at the project holistically and propose a solution based around the project.

A typical example would be a large theatre project where we would often use a system utilising fresh air 'free' cooling to minimise running costs and give maximum ventilation for the occupants.

Another example would be a large shopping centre suitable for individual water cooled terminal units able to transfer heat from one area to another without running refrigerant pipework.

We are also able to use Panasonics ECOG gas engine VRF system for city centre or out of town projects with very limited electrical supply.

Both ECOi and ECOG can use Panasonics Aquarea Pro water heat exchangers to produce hot or chilled water as well as, or instead of, using more typical VRF indoor units.