Aquarea Pro is a heat exchanger that is designed to be connected to an ECOi or ECOG system to produce hot or cold water for heating or cooling. It is basically a split air cooled water chiller ranging from 25KW to 50KW using either ECOi or ECOG , or 70KW using ECOG.

The advantages of this over a conventional chiller are many. 

  • This is a split system. The outdoor unit can be mounted on the roof or in a car park while the indoor unit which contains the water can go inside where there is no risk of freezing the pipes
  • Using ECOG we can produce chilled or hot water using gas power so electrical consumption is minimal. Because it is a gas engine and not an absorption chiller the reaction times are really fast.
  • Using inverter controlled or gas engine variable speed compressors means lower running costs and means we can match output to demand more closely
  •  The water pipes go to and from the indoor section which can be mounted inside close to where the water is needed, removing the need for large water pipes to be run for long distances
  • The system is extremely efficient being based upon the latest VRF technology

Aquarea Pro is an applied solution and you should contact us for selection and pricing.