Panasonic Tekadoor air curtains come in two models  and four sizes and can be used with both Panasonics PACi outdoor units and also their ECOi and ECOG VRF systems.

Standard Tekadoor models come in 1m and 2m door widths and are suitable for standard 3m height doors. This height should not be exceeded and is the units ideal operating height. Reduction of the height to 2.7m will give adequate performance but this deteriorates and at 2.4m the performance is significantly degraded. Do no use with a height lower than 2.4m.

Jet Flow Tekadoor models come in 1m, 1.5m and 2m door widths and there is also a VRF only 2.5m model. They are suitable for taller 3.5m high doors but this height should not be exceeded. Reduction of the height to 3.1m will give adequate performance but performance deteriorates below this and you should not install at a height lower than 2.7m under any circumstances.

The purpose of a door curtain is to retain heat inside a building that has either an open door policy or where the doors are frequently left open. A jet of warm air is created and forced down. mixing with fresh air and drawing this fresh air into the room. For correct operation the velocity is critical and this is why the restrictions on door height are important.

Air curtains are not new technology and have been in common use for many years. But traditional air curtains have used either hot water or electric heating. And lots of it! Using a heat pump means that you don't need a source of hot water and big pipes compared with hot water models or a huge electrical supply and high running costs associated with en electric model.

Further energy savings

In addition to being able to using energy saving heat pump technology the Tekadoor air curtain is designed to be controlled by a standard CZ-RTC2 controller with a 7 day time clock and can also be linked to a door switch. It is also possible to fit an additional control interface to connect with the buildings Wi-Fi network and subsequently control the curtain from a PC, smartphone or tablet. 

Other Features

Tekadoor air curtains are not only capable of heating but can also operate in cooling mode if required and include a drain lift pump.

The fan motors on these air curtains are the latest EC type energy efficient motors giving further energy savings.

You can maximise savings in areas with high heat gains by using a three pipe VRF system so heat taken out of areas requiring cooling is used to heat the air curtains.

PACi air curtains

The PACi version is very flexible and can be connected to a wide range of different PACi outdoor units depending upon the desired outlet temperature. We show a standard selection using Elite PACi outdoor units with the air curtain taking room air at 20C and heating it to 35C. For other selections please contact us.

 Outdoor Unit U-71PE1E5 U-100PE1E5U-71-PE1E5 U-100PE1E5 U-140PE1E5 
System Type StandardStandard Jet Flow Jet Flow Jet Flow 
Door Height 2.7m to 3.0m2.7m to  3.0m3.1m to 3.5m 3.1m to 3.5m 3.1m to 3.5m 
Door Width 1.0m2.0m 1.0m 1.5m 2.0m 
 Air Volume m3/hr1,8002,700 1,800 2,700 3,600 
  Heating 8.9KW13.4KW 8.9KW13.4KW 17.9KW 
Noise level 40 to 55 dBA40 to 57 dBA 40 to 55 dBA 40 to 56 dBA 40 to 57dBA 
 Indoor MCB 230V-1pH 13A13A 13A 13A 13A 
Outdoor MCB 230V-1ph 20A25A 20A 25A 30A 
Approx System Power 3.3KW5.2KW 3.3KW 4.9KW 6.7KW 
RRP* £5,389£7,215£6,639£8,015£9,364 

* Please check prices with us as these are subject to change. Price includes for the indoor and outdoor units and controller but no other control interfaces and excludes delivery, installation and VAT

VRF Air curtains

If you have an application for an air curtain using a VRF system then please contact us with your requirements.