Air Handling Unit Applications

We have offered control interfaces to match Panasonic outdoor units to customers own indoor units and evaporator coils for many years.

We used to make our own interfaces or fit them to bespoke indoor units in our workshop but recently Panasonic have released their own interface kits. We can now supply the entire range of PACi, ECOi and GHP products as outdoor units only to match with customers own AHUs and coils. In addition the control interfaces are now supplied in IP65 boxes so they can be mounted outside if required.

We now have computer modelling facilities to calculate the performance of a Panasonic outdoor unit given the coil details. We are also able to offer the following optional modes of operation -

  1. Control replacement - the Panasonic controller takes over control of the AHU and operates the fan as if it was a Panasonic indoor unit. This gives you a sophisticated controller and maximum energy efficiency.
  2. On / Off and staged control - you enable or disable the various outdoor units with Volt Free contacts using your own staged controller and each outdoor unit finds its own best operating condition.
  3. Proportional control - it is now possible to control the output from the outdoor unit using a 0-10V control input from your control system.

PACi outdoor units with control interfaces

PACi outdoor units have their own electronic expansion valve and so no expansion valve is necessary at the indoor coil.

ECOi and ECOG with connection interfaces

Because ECOi and ECOG systems rely upon expansion valves at the indoor unit, the kits come with electronic expansion valves which require fitting on site.

Please contact us for a specific selection.

New Demand Control

We can now use a remote 0-10V signal to give demand control for AHU applications