to the home of Medal Aircon Accessories Ltd, specialist supplier of heat pumps, air conditioners and installation accessory items to the UK trade nationwide, based in rural Shropshire but covering the entire of the UK and beyond.

We have wide range of products for the professional air conditioning and heating installer ranging from simple split room air conditioners to large commercial heating and cooling projects. We are Panasonic specialists and support the entire Panasonic Heating and Cooling range as well as Panasonics older Legacy products. We are also the UK importers for Rheem and ClimateMaster commercial systems. We have a wide variety of other products from our other suppliers for applications that suit them and, this is important, we will always try and fit the equipment to the project rather than trying to shoe horn in something potentially unsuitable.

We also have a full range of accessories for your heating and cooling system. Every split system need pipe and insulation, a mounting system for the outdoor unit and often a condensate pump as well. We can save time and money on site by supplying all of the installation materials to site on the same pallet and at the same time as the equipment. You can also be confident that these will be the correct size and specification for your system.

With air to water projects ensuring that you have the correct accessories can be the difference between the success and failure of the project. We have lots of experience in the problems inherent with retro fitting a heat pump in place of a boiler and also in how to control the system. We usually supply a complete package including the unit, pipe accessories, thermal break and controls in order to ensure that the job proceeds smoothly. We can also advise on pipe sizing, pump selection and the suitability of existing radiators. We also have the option of supplying new low temperature radiator solutions to make your house more comfortable and the system run more efficiently.

One advantage of being a specialist distributor is that we are able to focus upon what you are looking for rather than what we want to sell you. We can look at the project holistically and offer a complete solution. A typical example would be with a commercial air conditioning system requiring ducting and water pipework, elements which would be outside the scope of most wholesalers and distributors. We are perfectly happy becoming involved with the sizing and layout of both.

Being able to look at all elements of a system doesn't detract from our specialist knowledge of the products that we know best. We have a reputation as Panasonic specialists and are confident that we know the entire range, past and present, better than any other company. We are certainly confident that the support tools on our website make us the perfect starting point when you are considering a Panasonic Heating and Cooling product, working on one or just want to find out more. Added to all of the information on hand on the web site you can always call us and talk to a Panasonic specialist.

The same goes for our Rheem and ClimateMaster products for which we are the UK importers. We know these products intimately and have the specialist knowledge to help you whether you are considering a new unit or working on an existing one.

We are also unusual among air conditioning distributors in understanding air movement, ducting and grilles. We regularly assist our customers with their air distribution design and keep stocks of ducting and grilles for use with both our own and competitors ducted systems. We are able to supply plenums and duct connection kits for almost any air conditioning system as well as advising about correct sizing.

As well as supplying accessories for the systems that we supply we also stock a wide variety of products for installation, service and maintenance of generic air conditioning and refrigeration units and heating systems. We can also supply spares for most HVAC systems.

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